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  • Hazem's work is poetry that is seen and felt.
    - Ghada Kunash
  • الفن هو اللغة العالمية التي من خلالها نتبادل الفكر والمشاعر بحرية وتلقائية من القلب إلى القلب

    - "مبادرة " دبي تتكلم فن
  • "When we love something (or someone) we want to have it with us, around us,
    close to us all the time... we want to show it, share it, and tell the whole world
    about it.... This is not just about the handbag.., neither it is just about the
    painting... i love my handbag; she is my companion,.. and i love my painting; she
    is my mirror."
    - Ghada Kunash
  • With his circular shapes and multiple squares, Hazem Al Zubi transcends traditional form and presents an exquisite piece of art work.
    - Hala Jardani
  • Recurring shapes edging in sharp contrast within circles; ceramic styled bars breaking the rhythm; a sense of harmony born from discord among the shapes. Hazem Al Zubi uses warm earthy colors entwined in shades of blue and grey.
    - Hala Jardani
  • His art work induce a feeling of serenity and calm among viewers, as if permeating from magical ethereal world.
    - Hala Jardani
  • Art is the universal language through which we exchange thoughts and feelings spontaneously and freely, heart to heart.
    - The Initiative “Dubai Speaks Art”
  • التطور في المشهد التشكيلي الإماراتي يعتبر مذهلاً ونوعيا
    - عبدالرحيم سالم

About us

At Fann A’ Porter ( Fann is the arabic word for “art”) there is a space for artists, a space for designers, areas allocated for Fann’s objets d’art, and as a tribute to the UAE there will always be a representation for emerging Emirati artists.

In the new location at The Workshop, we proudly present a group of new talents from all around the world, and welcome again those who have been with us before.


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